We Walk with god

We want to honor God in everything we do, and to lift the Name of Jesus high

Always One Step Ahead

Why Come To Church?

Against what many believe today, church is not only for the sick, the poor, and the stupid.  We are a church of normal people, who love God, and want to learn from Him.  Our church is not like your grandma’s church, our church is fresh and for everyone!  By making a connection to God, we know He can help anyone and He can help you!  Without Him life is empty, with Him life is fulfilling and fun. Whether you come from a church background, or a non-church background, you can find what you are looking for at Elava Vee Kogudus (Living Water`s Church).

Every time we come together as a Church there are things we will always do.

  • We will sing praise and worship to our God, with powerful songs and anointed music.
  • We will teach you the Word of God in a real and practical way, so you can apply it to your life today.
  • We spend time in prayer to the Father, in the Name of Jesus.  Every service we also have a time for fellowship with other believers, and building friendships.

Without Jesus every person is lost and empty inside, looking for something to fill their emptiness.  But a relationship with Jesus as Lord, is the only way to truly find peace and fulfillment and life.  Come to church to increase in your faith, experience the presence of God, and become a better person in life.

We like to say around here, “Church days, will affect all the rest of your days!”

You Are Precious to God

With 100% Confidence

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