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We want to honor God in everything we do, and to lift the Name of Jesus high

Always One Step Ahead

We Will Make It If We...

come together as a family of God to encourage and support one another in times of need. Whether you are young or mature in life, no one should live life feeling as if you are alone. Because of what Jesus did we are never alone, and we are never without help. God’s plan is that we come together, united in faith and spirit, as a loving Church.

When we come to Church we grow stronger, and we began to see God’s best in our lives. Finding and fulfilling God’s plan for your life, will cause you to become content in every area.

We can make it because we believe what Jesus did for us on the cross gives us power to live. 

Our Pastor

Pastor Barry Mitchell

Barry grew up in the United States of America, but has lived in Estonia since 1992.  During his first 9 years in Estonia, he led Tallinn DOMATA Bible School.  This Bible School was a great success training pastors and ministers from many denominations and churches across Estonia.  Then in January 2001 God led Pastor Barry in a new direction, and he started a church — Elava Vee Kogudus (Living Waters Church) in Tallinn.

Pastor Barry is very loving and happy, and is a good example of a man with God’s heart.  He genuinely cares for people, and is available and reachable by everyone.  His love for God, and the church, and for people, is what makes him an outstanding pastor.  Pastor Barry has an ability to make the Bible come alive for people, so that God’s Word begins to speak to them in a way that helps in their everyday life. And he makes everyone who attends Elava Vee Kogudus feel at home and accepted in church.

Pastor Barry has also traveled to many nations in Europe, Asia and America’s, teaching in churches and Bible Schools.  He has a reputation as a very practical teacher of the Word, with a very easy-to-understand style, explaining how to apply Bible principles in today’s world. 

Who We Are

Elava Vee Kogudus (Living Water`s Church) is a charismatic, non-denominational church.  We are an international church, so every service is done in English and Estonian languages.  We also have Russian translation available.

We like to say that our church is a slice of the city.  We have people of all ages, and all lifestyles, and we have a great mix of different cultures.  Our church congregation is mostly Estonian, but we also have people who attend from other nations.  It is awesome that we can all come together and serve God in unity as a church family.   Come experience the Power and Love of God with us!


We believe the whole Bible is the inspired Word of God, and that God’s Word has an answer and a promise for every situation in life.  Attending a church that teaches the Word is vital for every believer.  Everything we teach at Elava Vee Kogudus is based on Biblical truth and Bible principles.

(2. Tim 3:16-17, Rom 10:17, Rom 15:4, 2. Pt 1:19-21, Heb 10:23-25)


We believe everyone is born a sinner, and is in need of a Savior, and salvation.  Jesus, the Son of God, came and paid the price for all sin by shedding His blood on the cross.  Jesus is the only way to heaven.  To be saved each person must believe in their heart and confess with their mouth, that Jesus is Lord.  God has given each person a free will, and we choose to serve Him or reject Him.  Salvation is a free gift of God and is available to anyone who would choose to believe.  Once you become a believer, you are born again through Jesus, and become a child of God.  As a child of God, you receive eternal life in Heaven.

(John 3:16-17, Rom 3:23-24, Rom 5:8-10, Rom 10:9-10, Eph 2:8-10, Gal 4:6-7)

Babtism of the Holy Spirit

We believe salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit are two different experiences.  Salvation is the Holy Spirit coming to live in you.  Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a filling and overflow of the Holy Spirit, which is evident by a person speaking in a heavenly language.  Living the Spirit filled life is available to every believer, and gives us an advantage in life daily.

(Acts 2:1-4, Gal 5:16, Rom 8:14-15, Acts 19:1-6, John 16:13-14)

Baptism in water

We believe baptism in water is an act of obedience, where a person is fully submerged in water, and brought out again.  Baptism in water symbolizes our identification and connection with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection.  Water baptism is not necessary to go to heaven, but is an amazing experience that strengthens your faith and confidence as a believer.

(Luke 3:21-22, Acts 2:38, Rom 6:3-4, Col 2:12-13, Mt 28:19)


We believe in one true God, who is three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  God is a loving God, He is good, and an all-powerful God.  Everything is created by God and for God.  God desires for us to manage what He has given to us with our time, talents, and treasure.   We are to give 10% of our income to the church, to help reach people for Jesus.  By being obedient to do this, it causes us to appreciate all that God does for us.  God has made a promise to us, if we would trust Him and willingly give tithes and offerings, that He will bless us abundantly.  God blesses us so we can be a blessing.

(Gen 1:1, Acts 17:28, Gen 12:2-3, Mat 25:20-21, Mal 3:10-12, 2. Cor 9:6-11, 1. Tim 6:18-19)


We believe that Jesus paid the price for all sickness and disease on the cross.  Jesus is our healer, and healing is available by faith to anyone in the Family of God.  God still does miracles today, and people are being miraculously healed.  Healing for our bodies is a free gift of God!  The Bible instructs us to lay hands on the sick in the Name of Jesus, and the healing power of God will make them well.

(Is 53:4-5, Mark 10:52, James 5:5:14-16, 1. Pt 2:24)

Heaven and Hell

We believe there is a heaven and there is a hell.  There are good and evil at work in the earth today.  When a Christian dies, they instantly go to heaven to be with the Lord.  We believe that Jesus will return again soon to take away His church, and every believer who is still alive will go to be with Him in heaven, forever.  But if you reject Jesus in this life, and do not believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, when you die you will have eternal death in hell.

(Jn 14:6, 2. Cor 5:8-9, 1. Jn 5:11-13, 1. Cor 15:52-53, Rom 6:23, 1 Thess 4:14-18, Rev 20:15)

Telling Others

We believe every Christian has the responsibility to share the gospel with others, boldly telling of their relationship with Jesus.  We are to do this by living our life as an example, and using every opportunity to speak about what Jesus has done for us.  We want everyone to know God as their Father, and be able to spend eternity in Heaven.

(Mark 16:15, Math 28:19-20, Acts 1:8, Rom 6:14)

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